#978 The Plant Care

Plants are the best! They bring natural beauty to any space, have air-purifying qualities, and produce the oxygen we need to survive. All they ask for in return is a little sunlight and water. But sometimes it’s just hard to remember to water them or you go out of town and they don’t survive your trip! And then there’s the issue of overwatering them. I’ve owned my share of plants in the past, and between overwatering and underwatering them, most of them unfortunately have not survived under my care. Recently, though my bad luck streak has ended and I have several – very much alive – potted plants in my apartment.

Admittedly, though, my work space is a different story. My desk at work remains plantless and sparse…to the point that some people in other departments think my cubicle is uninhabited! Embarrassing.

So I end up showing off my recently acquired ability to keep plants alive by offering to water the plants in my co-workers’ offices when they are out of town for meetings and site visits. It works out great!



Picture from here.

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