#977 The Break n’ Bake Cookies

Making chocolate chip cookies is an important life skill.

After all, who doesn’t enjoy a good chocolate chip cookie? During college, my mom used to send me back with homemade cookies and other baked goods – not actually for me – but to share with my roommates and classmates. In her words, “the cookies would help me make friends.”

Well, I guess I took that advice to heart because now I bring in a batch of chocolate chip cookies to work for every occasion – retirement parties, holiday lunches, and before big work events when everyone is stressed out with last minute prep. Ironically, the only day I forgot to bring in cookies was on August 4, National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day.

What’s great is everyone loves the cookies I bring in. One person even thought it was a secret family recipe. But, nope, it’s just your run-of-the-mill break n’ bake triple chocolate chip cookies.

When asked about my chocolate chip cookie recipe, the conversation generally goes like this:

“Did you make the cookies?!”

“Define ‘make’.”

*Awkward pause*

“Umm…Did you put them in the oven?”


Bringing in chocolate chip cookies is a terrific way to transform the atmosphere from a more intense work day into a softer, more pleasant environment. And the best part? It only costs $3 and takes 8-10 minutes to bake the night before but makes everyone’s day so much better!

You really can’t go wrong with break n’ bake chocolate chip cookies!


Picture from here.

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