#976 The One Phone Call

Remember the mid-90s when there used to be a telephone booth on every block? You would slip a quarter in the coin slot and make a quick local call before the time ran out! Nowadays, however, pay phones can feel antiquated. With over 90% of Americans owning a cell phone, telephone booths are a rare sight in the U.S. – except maybe in places, like Portland, that still live in the ’90s.

So what do you do on the occasion when your phone breaks or you lose it…and you’re left phoneless? The person sitting next to me on my flight home was in this very quandary. While she seemed relatively unperplexed by this, I lent her my cell phone so she could call her mom to coordinate picking her up from the arrival area. Not sure how they were planning to find each other otherwise!




Pictures from here and here.

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