#970 The Job Application

It was an unexpectedly long week at work, and I was slow-moving that Saturday morning. I had gotten up at 7:30am to go to Jubilee Jobs, a DC-based non-profit workforce development organization that supports job seekers in obtaining employment and greater economic self-sufficiency. Volunteers work one-on-one with an individual to create their resume, complete a job application, or practice for an interview.

I have always had a wonderful experience at Jubilee Jobs, but that Saturday morning I was lagging and feeling drained after the long week at work. When I arrived at Jubilee Jobs, I was introduced to Marisa and we began working on her online job application for a housekeeping position at a large hotel chain.

In my usual productivity mode, I wanted us to go through as many applications as possible to increase Marisa’s odds of securing a job. The more, the better, right? As I rattled off questions, Marisa patiently answered them. By the tenth question, it struck me how I was a robot – promoting one-way communication – like ATT or Comcast customer service. I was driven by results – by how many applications we could get through to maximize her chances of getting a job – and I was forgetting Marisa. She was sitting in front of me, smiling, and yet my eyes were glued to the computer screen. I was missing the entire reason I was there.

I paused, turned away from the computer screen, and asked her how she was doing. We talked about her daughter and grandson, and she had no shortage of funny stories and adventures to share! I could feel her enthusiasm and patient determination to find a job. She had been looking for full-time employment for several months, and I was amazed by her resilience and positivity. How beautiful a moment can be when you slow down, let go, and allow the grace of the moment to lead you…thank you Marisa for reminding me of that!


 “You run and you run to catch up with the sun…it’s racing around to come up behind you again.” – Roger Waters


Picture from here.

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