#969 The Solar Eclipse Connection

For a few minutes of pure cross-continental cosmic bliss, we watched in awe as the moon slipped across the sun, casting momentary midday darkness over some areas of the U.S. This magnificent event – a total solar eclipse – stretched from Oregon to South Carolina, bringing millions of people together to marvel at one of nature’s rarest treasures.

To see the sun get swallowed by the moon (and not burn your retinas in the process), you needed special protective glasses, but by the Saturday before the eclipse, these cardboard solar eclipse glasses were hard to come by, even selling for $100 on craigslist. The next best option – viewing the solar eclipse though your own manufactured cereal box projector – can only get you so far, giving you an indirect view of the eclipse.

My friend was awesome and gave me his extra pair of solar eclipse glasses so I could fully take in this amazing spectacle. I shared the sunglasses with others in my office, and for those few minutes, we found ourselves captivated by the eclipse, briefly forgetting impending work deadlines to take in this magical moment. As I stood on the sidewalk outside my office building, I watched as people shared their solar eclipse glasses with others they had just met so those around them could share in the joy of nature’s wonder too!

“These are the days of miracle and wonder.” – Paul Simon



Pictures from here and here.

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